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Links? Why not.

Time to share the wealth and give both of you a few links to look at today. Some of these might be re-runs for the WOOD INsiders.

This hurts just thinking about it. Having said that, I would definitely watch it on YouTube.

The border patrol isn't too worried about this guy sneaking in.

"Mommy, why are we in court?" (please note the plaintiff's last name. There are inappropriate jokes just waiting to happen.)

O.J. Simpson says he has "slow moving sperm."

If you've been The Black Donnellys which, I think, has some real potential, you might be interested in this online only bonus episode.

Tim Hardaway apologized for his comments.

It has taken every ounce of my resolve not to make an Indian giver joke about this story.

Well, there goes the neighborhood. What's next? White people?

This is possibly the best break up story of all time.

And finally, here's an e-mail I sent to the WAD and Stats yesterday:

Nike unveiled new college basketball uniforms today. Each of the four uniforms has links to the program's history - Florida's with a gator pattern, etc. What does Ohio State (sorry, The Ohio State University) have on it's jersey? A LeBron James logo - because that's where he would have gone. Not only is this hypothetical history absolutely pathetic, but it also raises an important question: Who gets Kobe?

I can just imagine Baylor calling Kobe's agent..."can you get him to say he would have chosen Waco? We could really use the street cred after our last coach tried blaming some shit on a dead player. Anyway, we'll pay whatever you want (and Kobe that means full pre-rape accusation cash, not this reduced rate bullshit people have been trying to pull). We were thinking we'd put a black mamba insignia on the crotch, if that would be OK."

With the NCAA tournament coming up, I think we should start an online bracket. If anybody (cough, Fisher, cough) wants to set it up and e-mail everybody, it would be much appreciated.

Have a nice day,

uhh.... semi-gambling always seems to get a good response... post your conf tourney predictions

Pac10 = Stanford (why not?)
B12 = Kansas
B10 = Ohio St
SEC = Tennessee
ACC = GT (of course)

Raper? I don't even know her.

I'll take the Knicks to get to the Big East finals, but I don't think they'll win.

I'll take

Texas A&M
Indiana (pulling for Sampson)

Stanford, doh! Oh well at least I didn't pick UCLA. 8 clap! For the record, I was trying to decide between SC and the trees.

Tennessee shat the bed.

Does anyone know if Tech won? The game went past my bedtime in Arizona.

Does anybody else think that Duke lost because the NCAA doesn't let them use men in practice anymore?

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