Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Links of the day

Here are a few links to help pass the time:

After naming her children Corky and Algernon, mom came up with a plan.

An HIV-positive former CFL player had unprotected sex with women, thus exposing them to the disease. What team did he play for? The Roughriders.

Stories like this will ensure that Vick gets taken five rounds too early in next year's WAD Bowl.

Dad in jail most of your life? Check. Brother gunned down in a drive by? Check. Still run in the 4.3's at the combine? Check. By all accounts AD is a great guy. Hopefully he'll continue to act more like LDT than Portis.

Will somebody buy Chad Johnson some shoes?

Question of the week (since there's no telling when the next post will be): What round, if at all, do Reggie Ball and Paul Thompson get drafted? Follow up: who gets drafted higher?

I'm not being a homer when I say Thompson goes before Ball. He ran a faster 40, he's taller, and he's black. I see him as a 7th round "athlete" pick. Ball will be hanging out with Joe Burns and managing an Arby's.

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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

HIV? No, that must be a mistake.

Due to overwhelming support for the last entry, the WOOD continues...

Yesterday, in an exclusive WOOD Insider e-mail (join now for $3.95/month), I reported that Tommy Morrison will be fighting in West Virginia tomorrow night. I made bad jokes, such as suggesting everyone in the crowd wear a dental dam and condom. I also wondered if Magic Johnson was announcing.

Completely off topic thought: is there a better porn name than Magic Johnson? Hey baby, want to see my Magic Johnson? If he played for Washington, would he be the Wizard's Magic Johnson?

This morning's story about the Morrison fight quotes Tommy as saying "I never had [AIDS]." He says that all of his tests have been clean, except for the first. According to doctors, this means that his HIV has dropped to undetectable levels, not that he is HIV-free. So let me get this straight, Tommy gets kicked out of boxing, his only real way of making money, has multiple negative tests, and it takes almost 11 years for this to come out? I'm not buying it. You can bet that he had second, third, fourth, and fifth tests done to confirm the 1996 result. Now he's clean? I sure hope John Castle needs the cash.

And now, a few clips to keep you busy:

Scalpel? Check. Can of whoop ass? Check.

What you do with goats in the field is your business, just don't bring a woman to the hotel.

And finally, this from www.thebrushback.com:

Georgia Tech Accused Of Having Pro-Duke Bias

DURHAM, NC--Days after dropping a 71-62 contest to the Duke Blue Devils at Cameron Indoor Stadium, the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets are facing accusations from around the ACC that they have a pro-Duke bias. “Do I feel like they Yellow Jackets have a pro-Duke bias? Yes, I do,” said Maryland forward James Gist. “They go into Cameron, they take on a Duke team that's been floundering, and they lose the game. They’re not even trying to hide it! It’s bad enough that the referees are engaged in this thing, but if the teams can’t stand up to Duke we’re really in trouble. I hope those guys are proud of themselves, because they just showed that they’re Coach K’s bitches, just like everyone else in this conference.” Tech coach Paul Hewitt denied being part of any conspiracy and insisted that his team just "kind of blows” on the road.

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Monday, February 19, 2007

Links for Fisher and Stats

Although it would be easier to send an e-mail, I'll keep posting for both of the WOOD's readers:

  • We'll start on a serious note - the inventer of the remote control has died.
  • It's never good when you have to make a statement that you're not gay.
  • Get these for your dog, or a friend that's whipped.
  • I like Scrubs. I don't know what to think about this (make sure your speakers are on).
  • Stolen joke alert: Hooters has come out with an energy drink. I hear it comes in great cans.
  • Speaking of cans, Penthouse is going upscale.

I would put something up about Britney, but she's wayyyy off the deep end, and yesterday's news.

Happy Presidents Day (note, there is no apostrophe, much like Veterans Day. I hope you feel enriched by this little tidbit.)


Weekend Recap, YouTube style

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

No more Martyball

So who do the Chargers go after? They've let their top coordinators leave, and it doesn't look like there are too many good candidates out there. Is this the one job that gets Pete Carroll out of USC, or does he want too much control?

Point Break 2

Friday, February 9, 2007

Weekend Beyond Poor Taste Caption Contest

Enjoy. Yes, I know, Hell.

Wednesday, February 7, 2007

College Hoops Wednesday

Post your pick.

(5) UNC -4.5 @ (16) Duke
(19) USC +9.5 @ (2) UCLA

Monday, February 5, 2007

The WAD's Drinking the Kool-Aid

Fresh from the WAD himself, yet another completely moronic argument:

Lay off Grossman. He had a tough game. Doesn't change the fact that he is sooooooooo much better than about 20 other quarterbacks in the NFL.Actually, for sh*ts and giggles, lets take a look at Rex's first year as a full time starter and compare it to some of the all time greats:

Rex: 3,200 yards, 54.6% completion percentage, 23 T.D.'s, 20 picks,15 wins and a Super Bowl loss;

Elway: 2,600 yards, 56.3% completion percentage, 18 T.D.'s, 15 picks,13 wins and a loss in the Divisional Round of the Playoffs;

Montana: 1,800 yards, 64.5% completion percentage, 15 T.D.'s, 9 picks,6 - 10 record;

Marino: 5,084 yards, 64.2% completion percentage, 48 T.D.'s, 17picks, and a Super Bowl loss;

Kelly: 3,593 yards, 59.4% completion percentage, 22 T.D.'s, 17 picks,and a 4-12 record;

Young: 2,282 yards, 53.7% completion percentage, 8 T.D.'s, 13 picks,and 2-14 record for the Bucs.

So, let's break this down rationally: I have given you Rex's first year starting statistics and win/loss record compared with that of five First Ballot Hall of Fame quarterbacks. Of those five, he had more yards than3 of them (Elway, Montana, and Young), A comparable completion percentage to two of them (Elway & Young), More touchdowns than all of them except Marino (by the way, Marino's season was possibly the greatest quarterbacking season in the history of the league), More picks than all of them (no doubt about it, turnovers have been his Achilles heel), and he took his team as far as Marino and further than any of the other four.

Okay, if that doesn't convince you that all this media horse sh*t about how bad Grossman is is complete sh*t, take a look at his first year starting numbers against those of another First Ballot Hall of Famer,

Favre: 3,227 yards, 64.1% completion percentage, 18 T.D.\'s, 13 picks,and a 9-7 record.

So, I just have to ask: Do you think Elway, Montana, Marino, Kelly,Young, or Favre should have caught the type of crap Grossman has caught this year? The answer, of course, is NO! Because, those guys came up in an era where the quarterback was supposed to make plays and lead you to victory, not just stay out of the way and not screw up. Grossman is a throw back to a better time, and had he been given the freedom to sling it around early and often last night, who knows how things would have turned out. So, in sum, I think it\'s ludicrous the crap people give Grossman, and because of the way he plays the game, I love the guy,and I wish the media and all the people who take what the morons like Boomer Esiason, Sterling Sharp, and Michael Irvin say as Gospel would take a minute to stop and think about who they are listening to.Numbers don't lie, and numbers tell you that this kid has a chance to be one of the all time greats.

Thursday, February 1, 2007

Super Bowl Commercial - sneak peak