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Links for Fisher and Stats

Although it would be easier to send an e-mail, I'll keep posting for both of the WOOD's readers:

  • We'll start on a serious note - the inventer of the remote control has died.
  • It's never good when you have to make a statement that you're not gay.
  • Get these for your dog, or a friend that's whipped.
  • I like Scrubs. I don't know what to think about this (make sure your speakers are on).
  • Stolen joke alert: Hooters has come out with an energy drink. I hear it comes in great cans.
  • Speaking of cans, Penthouse is going upscale.

I would put something up about Britney, but she's wayyyy off the deep end, and yesterday's news.

Happy Presidents Day (note, there is no apostrophe, much like Veterans Day. I hope you feel enriched by this little tidbit.)


Keep posting. There are lurkers here too...

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