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Links of the day

Here are a few links to help pass the time:

After naming her children Corky and Algernon, mom came up with a plan.

An HIV-positive former CFL player had unprotected sex with women, thus exposing them to the disease. What team did he play for? The Roughriders.

Stories like this will ensure that Vick gets taken five rounds too early in next year's WAD Bowl.

Dad in jail most of your life? Check. Brother gunned down in a drive by? Check. Still run in the 4.3's at the combine? Check. By all accounts AD is a great guy. Hopefully he'll continue to act more like LDT than Portis.

Will somebody buy Chad Johnson some shoes?

Question of the week (since there's no telling when the next post will be): What round, if at all, do Reggie Ball and Paul Thompson get drafted? Follow up: who gets drafted higher?

I'm not being a homer when I say Thompson goes before Ball. He ran a faster 40, he's taller, and he's black. I see him as a 7th round "athlete" pick. Ball will be hanging out with Joe Burns and managing an Arby's.

Have a nice day,

Here's another clip I forgot to include:

The Austin American Statesman gives Beyonce the award for "best slit.". I can't make this stuff up.

Do you realize what you've done? You've gone off and called Calvin Johnson, Chad Johnson...Chad could only hope to be as good as Calvin. Seriously, 6'5", 239lbs, and still runs a 4.35...that's sick.

By the way, were you joking when asking when Ball would get drafted? In reading it, I don't think you were...which leads me to believe that you need to seek help, NOW. The fact that Ball was even invited to the combine is the oddest thing I've heard in a long time. Sure, some college qbs can be converted to wr but those are athletes that have a knack to pick up YAC. Ball has no moves other than turning a 5 yard sack into an 8 yard sack.

I could say that I typed Chad Johnson to see if anybody was reading, but that's a lie.

As for the combine, I have no idea why Ball or Thompson was invited. Tech fans know Ball's story all too well, but Thompson isn't any better. There's no way he's an NFL quarterback, and he couldn't even win a starting job at receiver for the Sooners during his junior year.

Let's see...shitty qb + 3rd string receiver = invite to the combine.

No doubt Calvin has the potential to be better than Chad, but if I had to pick one for next year (and next year only) I'd stick with ocho cinco. Calvin looks like the real deal, but so have several other top WRs over the past few years - just ask Matt Millen

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