Tuesday, January 30, 2007


Congratulations Barbaro, from here on out you'll always be a winner. After all, you can't beat a dead horse.

Friday, January 26, 2007

Is anybody out there?

Here are a few Friday links:

The real trick would be smuggling some Taco Bell to go with it.

After putting up 85 points against Duke, Gilbert Arenas will also prove to the world that he can read, pick up high school girls, and several other things that aren't worth bragging about.

When I heard that Perez Hilton makes number two, I thought "hey, so did I this morning." Then I read the article and wondered where the hell the WAD ranks. Probably like GT in the football polls, you can find him under "others receiving votes."

Speaking of number two, here's a contest to help things along.

We've all watched rappers give mad props to Jacob the Jewler. Soon he'll be Jacob the Inmate.

Estelle Getty? Workout video? Remix?

Those of you who work where YouTube is blocked can turn here. Start with this clip of Mr. T, then watch your day go down the toilet.

And finally, just ask yourself "What would Keanu do?"

Have a nice day,

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Classic Earl Weaver

Wish I were able to hear more of these types of "debates."

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

NFL Coaching Changes

On the way to work this morning the classic rock morning show was debating who should be next coach of the Cowboys. After ripping Chan Gailey for about 5 minutes (concluding with "thank God that guy's not coaching anywhere any more") they got down to their list:

1. Cowher (although they recognized they'd never get him out of retirement)
2. Stoops
3. Sneaky Pete Carroll (with the understanding that he's already shown he can't coach in the NFL).

This discussion went on for about 15 minutes and they never mentioned Mack Brown. That really says something that they didn't even think of their hometown coach, and it shows what people think of him down here.

One person not on the list is Lane Kiffin. Personally, I think this could work out well. The guy grew up around the NFL and he's been coaching for 7 years. At 31 he's young enough to have the energy to work 100 hour weeks in order to establish his reputation. The biggest thing against Kiffin is his roster. With Jerry Porter and Randy Moss things are never going to go smoothly, and does anybody really think they've got a QB? If he's lucky he'll be able to keep the defense playing as well as they did this year while finding a way to put some points on the board.

I wonder what Whisenhunt thinks about taking over the Cardinals now? Sure they've got a good offensive nucleus, but I'd rather be coaching the Steelers or Cowboys. Despite the hassles of working with Jerry Jones, I think Dallas is still one of the best NFL coaching jobs. It will be interesting to see what college coaches are interested in making the jump. Whoever gets the job will be taking over a solid playoff contender and should have a good chance for success.

So who gets the Dallas job, and will Kiffin be any good?

Have a nice day,

Unsuccessful YouTube's

Great idea by Fisher to have part of this site dedicated to YouTube's that have achieved greatness and can be labeled successful. But how bout the Dan Marinos of YouTube videos?

Here's some that never won the big game:

Kid on trampoline gets stuck in basketball hoop, friends laugh

Gotta have more cowbell

Best of Ari Gold

The Lost Seinfeld episode

Ninja Dude

Gold vs Weinstein

ESPN 20th Century moments

Jim Mora #1

Jim Mora #2

Dancing Midget

Evolution of Dance

Freak kid dancing at high school talent show

Guy dances all over the world

Ari playing Blackjack

Chris Everett

By the way, I posed the question to a buddy the other day. He simply replied, "if you win the Super Bowl, you're a success... but if you had a career like Marino's, you're also a success". And after someone answers like this, there really isn't anything you can say without ultimately sounding like an idiot and revealing that the question itself is dumb. But it's not dumb, it's a great question! (you too can convince yourself of this) I used to think "both" was the answer also, but it totally goes against the spirit of the debate, and is practically cheating. I refuse it, just like the HOF refused McGwire, and I vow never to argue that lame-ass angle again.

And one more thing. I'm not quite Dunn in terms of television watching, but I do have to tout 1 program. This show, just because of the cast, is excellent. How could you not be intrigued by this group of characters? Sure, the show completely sucks, but tell me CC, Webster, Vanilla Ice, Mrs. Drago, Mini-Me, and Ron Jeremy under 1 roof isn't interesting. And the Hogan show is pretty good too.

Monday, January 22, 2007

Michael Vick SNL - Really!?!


Bears over Saints 39-14
  • Bush's flip into the endzone seemed to wake up the Bears' D. At least he'll be on SportsCenter.
  • Urlacher is an amazing athlete. He was everywhere, including covering Bush on pass plays.
  • Grossman puts together a couple of good drives and everything is fixed? I don't think so. I will say that I'm looking forward to the possibility that he beats Manning in the Super Bowl. Then Rex and Dilfer can have slumber parties and prank call the Mannings all night long.

Colts over Pats 38-34

  • Was this a movie, or did Peyton really overcome the largest deficit in conference championship history against his arch-rivals?
  • Did anybody else get excited at the prospect of a true ass-whipping when it was 21-3?
  • Interesting that Vinatieri was a high school QB/LB. He might just be like Dumbo's feather for Peyton - now Manning thinks he can win.
  • Two offensive linemen score?
  • After last week's game I was wondering how the Bolts could let Reche Caldwell go. After watching his sorry ass drop balls all night long now I know. When he dropped that ball with nobody covering him late in the 4th, that cost the Pats the chance at OT. If he catches the ball he's in for the score.
  • Was I the only one amazed at how big his eyes are? He looked like the WAD staring at a Cheeto buffet. At first I thought he was just amazed he dropped the pass in the end zone, but it turns out he looks like that all the time. Weird.

Friday, January 19, 2007

Sweep The Leg

This is the greatest music video of all time, and it deserves its own post.

Friday Caption Contest

For $130, you can have the chance to play alongside David Beckham. No promises of hooking up with a Spice Girl or getting a Disney movie.

First there was Dick in a Box, now there's Box in a Box, and on Keith Olberman has more on the hottie.

The surest sign the Saints are completely screwed this weekend.

Turns out we did spend (almost all of) our time efficiently in college.


Thursday, January 18, 2007

Ron Mexico, drug smuggler

Nice, Vick.

He must have tried to pass it through security when he shoulda just tucked it and ran.

Welcome to the Falcons, Coach Petrino!

The Next One?

A year in, our first hockey post.

1 reason to watch the NHL - 19 year old Sidney Crosby. In 122 games, he's accumulated 170 points (Gretzky had 301 in 151 his first 2 seasons). #87 (because he was born in 1987) is the leading vote-getter for the 2007 All-Star game. Right now, he's on fire with 27 points over his last 15 games. All while playing for a rather mediocre Penguins team that's soon on its way to Kansas City.

Now I don't pretend to be a hockey fan at all, but watching Pittsburgh highlights has become mandatory with moves like this, and plays like these. Is he the 2nd coming of "The Great One"? Perhaps not. But he is nonetheless dominating the NHL - a league now with more world-wide participation than in the early 80's.

We get few chances to see elite talent enter the major leagues. And he's definitely one of them. His name could one day be among the greats - Montana, Armstrong, Woods, Gretzky, Reggie Ball...

My only question is, if he moved in with Lemieux because he's too young to live alone, does Super Mario buy him beer?

Next hockey post: is this kid the "next next one"?

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Football 24/7, 365/year

It was a sad sight the other night at the local establishment. There we were, in our usual seats, with our usual drinks, making our usual lewd comments to the girls behind the bar. But the conversations were anything but usual. After rehashing the 3 exciting games from the past weekend, and the Ravens' Falcon-like perfomance (how do you lose not giving up a touchdown, at home... to a Manning? Unbelievable!), and a one person conversation on whether Calvin Johnson will be the greatest WR ever, topics took an exciting turn toward the following: 24 & American Idol, the Australian Open, and favorite Sirius satellite radio stations.

Then came the round of shots. We couldn't escape the fact football was coming to an end.

It sucks when football season is over. There's no way around it. Little do you realize how much the pigskin is appreciated until it's gone (not to mention, how much conversation revolves around it). They say Hunter Thompson shot himself after his annual post-football depression hit a new low. Now Woody doesn't condone taking one's life, but having only the Pro Bowl to look forward to is as good a reason as any. Though I would have at least held out through the first day of the draft*.

What's the solution? You gotta invent new ways to talk about football. So that said, I'd like to do just that and look back a few years on the sport. Basically it's a rememberence to our favorite players from yesteryear.

This isn't only about big names from the past, guys who played in the spotlight and probably still get recognized. You know, guys like Joe Theisman.

I'd rather focus on those lesser-known players that elicit high-fives at 3 a.m. when everyone's been drinking and NFL films comes on. You know, guys you might see every day delivering your mail, coaching the local high school, or becoming the next head coach at Georgia Tech.

So I'm going to throw out a few updates, links, and facts about whats going on with some guys that I admired "back in the day".

Vai Sikahema - Simply the greatest NFL talent the Tonga has ever produced. Don't lie, you wish you could punch those goalposts just once like Vai did. Did you know his cousin is Reno Mahe of the Philadelphia Eagles? Better yet, did you know his nephew is Napolean Dynamite? Who do you think is the big star at family gatherings? Yes, my money is on NP too.

Ronnie Harmon - Well, there isn't as much to say about Ronnie Harmon, he isn't uncle to anyone as big as Napolean Dynamite. But I had to include him because he was my favorite player in the 1990's. There's nothing wrong with your favorite player being a 3rd down back, dick. He had 8 catches in the Superbowl and lasted 12 years in the league. How many guys can say that?

Ricky Ervins - Who? Yeah, the 1991-92 leading rusher for the Superbowl champion Washington Redskins, that's who! He was the man. His legs were bigger than Superman's, I'm pretty sure he could leap into the endzone from anywhere on the field if he really wanted to. And under our established rules, because he has a Superbowl ring, not to mention being a major contributor to a champion team, his career is a success. It's a miracle Canton hasn't called yet. I'm pretty sure MF still has a poster somewhere.

Errict Rhett - If Vincent Bo Jackson is the #1 "coulda been the best RB of all time", Errict Undra Rhett is #1a. Crazy? How about 2,218 yards rushing and 18 TDs in his first two years, playing for the Tampa Bay Bucs! Remember how bad the bright orange sucked back in the day? If he wouldn't have held out, you'd be saying "Emmitt who?" when anyone asked about the greatest runner to ever come out of Gainesville.

Glyn Milburn - There's really too much to say about this guy, so click the link if you want to learn a lot more.

The Dome Patrol - Pat Swilling, Vaughn Johnson, Sam Mills, and Rickey Jackson . The baddest LB corp in NFL history, or at least, my lifetime. Pat Swilling, as if going to Tech didn't make him a stud already, was a force in the NFL for years. Sam Mills, rest in peace. Be sure to check out what Rickey Jackson has been up to in Louisiana. And Vaughn should be pissed wikipedia didn't give him a page.

Well, I could go on and on but I'd rather hear from you guys about your favorite players from the past. A good place to start is here and move on forward through the years.

Maybe next time I'll recap all the greatest posters of NFL players in the 90's. If any could be better than this.


*I know at least one other person on here who's watched the entire NFL draft start to finish. Sure, we were waiting for Joe Hamilton to get picked (and boy did we wait awhile, yet he did), but we'd be lying if we said we didn't enjoy it!

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

The First Woody

Welcome to the WOOD: the World Outside Of the WAD. The best way to explain the WOOD to Tech grads is that it's the Linux of blogs - open to anyone that wants to post.

Since I'm familiar with this audience, I can only imagine the number of WOOD jokes we're about to get. I feel obligated to give it a shot. At this point, we're at the beginning of a Cinemax movie. We think the WOOD will be good, but we don't know how long it will take to get off the ground (or how long it will last. Presumably longer than the 4 hour warning period).

As I'm in the middle of Ice Storm 2007 (and not at work) I've got a little time to kill. With that in mind, here are some thoughts from last weekend's games:

Colts over Ravens 15-6

This game was every kicker's dream - for once they had a shot at being the man. Of course Vinatieri didn't need the help, everybody already knew he was the best.

Speaking of #4, he's scored 26 of the Colts' 38 post-season points. If you changed #18's jersey to read "Grossman" on the back, people would have been calling for Griese for two straight games. Instead Manning has been getting a relatively free pass. If he keeps this up, the Colts will win in spite of him. (Which will raise a fiercely debated WAD topic: if Manning has a Boller-esque post-season, yet gets a ring, should it count? Could he win an argument with Marino if his only ring came after a horrible post-season?)

I'll admit that I was pulling for the Ravens. They have about 10% Sooners on their roster. Mark Clayton had a great game catching the ball and Kelly Gregg was a beast on the D-Line. Unfortunately McNair always comes up a yard short.

Saints over the Eagles 27-24

This was a truly heartwarming game, seeing all those Katrina victims in the stands cheering the Saints. What was that? Katrina victims are dirt poor, living somewhere else, and are lucky to have a TV to watch the game? Oh. Well at least it was a heartwarming game for rich white folk like Harry Connick Jr. I would have felt so bad for them if the Saints lost.

As for the game itself, it was the second most entertaining game of the weekend. Garcia showed he can still play the game, Bush showed he could take the big hit, and Andy Reid put forth another solid coaching effort.

Reggie came awful close to pulling a Romo, but his mishandled pitch didn't come back to hurt them. I have no doubt the Saints will win the NFC.

Bears over 'Hawks 27-24 (OT)

The Bears defense has gone to hell ever since losing former Sooner Tommie Harris from the d-line. The Seahawks defense let Rex Grossman throw for 280 yards. (Little known fact, Madden 2008 has been programmed so that Grossman cannot exceed 42% completion or 185 yards a game.) What does all this mean? Neither of these teams could contain the Saints.

There are only a few interesting things about this game. First, during the OT coin toss Hasselbeck didn't say "we want the ball and we're going to score." Second, sadly, we won't get much more mileage out of this great video.

Pats over Bolts 24-21

Watching this game reminded me of seeing USC play over the past few years. Whenever things started looking bad, something fell in their lap. Of course I'm talking about the fumbled punt return, crazy head butt, and 4th down interception/fumble. The only thing missing was a tuck rule (although Brady did fumble, it was recovered by his O-line, yet another stroke of luck).

San Diego is probably the better team, but much like OU after Boise State knowing that doesn't change the result. Here are a few thoughts:

1. LDT is pissed because some Pats did the Steroid Merriman dance on the Bolts logo. I'm with Dan Patrick on this one: if imitating Merriman is disrespectful, then every time Merriman does it to another team he's being disrespectful. If SD doesn't like seeing the dance from that side, maybe they should get Merriman to stop it. Or quit crying like little bitches.

2. People are calling for Marty's head after a 14-2 season and this gut-wrenching loss. Personally, I think that the three plays described above doomed the Bolts, and none of them were the result of poor coaching (with the possible exception of the head butt). On the other hand, Marty wasn't wearing a headset during the game, trusting his coordinators. His defensive coordinator went into prevent up 14-3 at the end of the first half and allowed a TD. Marty should have stepped in on that one. I also recently learned that Marty isn't on speaking terms with SD's GM. Interesting. I guess I'm trying to say that I can see good arguments on either side, and I'm not sure which side I fall on.

So there you have it, the first WOOD. Add your comments below, and if you've got something to say take a chance and put up your own post.

Have a nice day,