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It's Friday

Like Smokey says "It's Friday, you ain't got sh*t to do, you ain't got no job, it's time to talk sports on the internet."

Need a link or two? Fine, here you go:

Looks like the charges against Duke lacrosse will be dropped. Good thing they weren't wrongly convicted, they might have developed an attitude like Mike Tyson.

Maybe if I'm sneaky, I can slip in an article showing Al Gore's hypocrisy.

This sure beats Luby's early bird special.

Here's a movie that could be funny.

Don't forget that Peyton Manning is hosting this week's SNL.

Marty Schottenheimer silently thanked God that he doesn't coach cricket.

Too bad I went to sleep at halftime of the Ohio State game last night. I thought Tenn had it in the bag. That will teach me to have faith in a man that paints himself orange for a transvestite basketball game.


Did Acie Law IV lose the game for A&M last night? I say he did. Missing a layup that would have put the team up by 4 definitely cost them the game. One play, and all the blame, on his shoulders. No excuses. I know the WAD will want to apologize for him, and say that one play doesn't determine a game but we all know that's crap. Law missed a gimmie. What's even worse, he messed up a layup, and my white ass can make layups all day long.

Chime in with your picks for tonight's games. I'll take Florida, UNLV, Vandy and North Carolina.

Have a nice day,

Yes, he lost the game for them;and it would have put them up by 3, btw. Instead, they're only up one and Memphis comes down and takes the lead on a questionable foul call.

He also lost me my last entry in my Survivor pool. But I'm not bitter or anything...

Tonight, I'm liking all of the favorites to win, but the dogs to cover (if gambling were legal...).

I forgot to post this link of Don King and the Pope.

Gator chomp, Quack Quack, Fight On, and Hoya Saxa.

I'll be at the UCLA-Kansas game tomorrow. Look for me in the stands- I'll be the one sporting fake Lorenzo Mata tattoos.

I'm sure this is going to be f'n hilarious... NOT.


(Peyton hosting SNL this weekend)

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